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Watch this short video to find out more about Daylight's services.

Daylight Counselling serves Wigan, Leigh and the surrounding area, and offers counselling or EMDR therapy, as appropriate, for bereavement, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma and many other mental health issues. Counselling and therapy are either face-to-face at our offices in Leigh town centre (Map), by phone or via Zoom. Daylight is run by local volunteers and our day-to-day running costs are covered solely by donations from supporting churches and individuals. All our services are free of charge to all clients.

Contact Daylight for any other information.

If you would like to support Daylight's running costs please click the link below to donate by debit or credit card or through PayPal.

Company registration number: 5333926, Charity number: 1113459, © 2006-2021 Daylight Counselling Limited

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