About Daylight

Daylight offers sensitive, non-judgmental care to help people through the multitude of problems that make life tough - depression, anxiety, bereavement, childhood abuse, trauma and many other issues. We offer you time to explore the issues that make life difficul so that you can find ways to overcome these negative forces, bringing a new ability to cope with life.

All Daylight's services are based on Christian principles and ethos. This means we have a distinctly Christian approach based on sensitivity to people's needs and acceptance of them as people. However, Daylight welcomes as clients those of other faiths and with no faith at all.

The Daylight counselling service officially opened on 12 October 2005. Daylight has its origins in the Searchlight mission which involved several Leigh churches in 2001. As a result of the churches working together at that time, it was recognised that there were a number of needs in the community that the church was in a unique position to address. However, none of the churches involved had the resources to meet those needs. In discussing and praying together it became clear that we might begin to meet these needs by continuing to work together, bringing together resources and strengths which none of the churches could provide alone. Thus the vision for Daylight was born.

The churches involved are very different from each other but have recognised that what we have in common is much greater than our differences. This common understanding and faith is the foundation on which we intend to build a service to the community with a distinctly Christian approach based on sensitivity to people's needs and acceptance of them as people.

In the first instance Daylight provided counselling, help and advice to those who found themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy or who were concerned after an abortion. At the end of October 2006, Daylight services were extended to cover bereavement support. More recently, we have extended the service we offer to cover general counselling and other specific needs, such as abuse and trauma.

The Daylight counselling service offers a specialist service giving unconditional care and acceptance to those in need. The aim is to provide time and space in which people can explore the issues affecting them, explore all the options available to them and be provided with complete, appropriate information and sensitive support.

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